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Welcome to CBS Admixtures.  We offer Helix Micro Rebar that will cut your Labor Costs on all Concrete Construction Projects and Enhance PMT ASTM C494 Type S admixture.

Helix Micro Rebar is the only Approved Micro Rebar that can be used as structural reinforcement in vertical concrete and can eliminate rebar/mesh in structural slabs 

Thousands of commercial and residential projects have been poured that reduced labor costs for contractors and owners and reduced concrete form/pouring schedule.  Just form the slab and let the concrete truck install the reinforcement for you.  Laser Screed the slab 3 times faster!

Helix is really... "Rebar in a Box".  

We review your project plans for free and give you a helix dose rate (pounds/CY) for your walls, slab, piles, suspended slabs, PT decks, footings, shotcrete and pavements .  Send us your project plan today!
This is a typical ICF Wall (Mercer Island, Washington) where Helix Micro Rebar replaced the structural wall rebar with 18 pounds per CY of helix micro rebar. 

Enhance PMT ASTM C494 Type S admixtures are in a class by themselves. 

ASTM tested, Enhance PMT will give you the best concrete possible.

Use Enhance in all slabs to prevent water vapor transmission, in below grade concrete to stop water absorbtion and leaks, pre-cast tanks and roadways to protect the rebar.

PMT (a chemical admix) acts only upon the cement to convert Portland cement particles into binding paste, whereas activated silica cements (Xypex, Kriton et al) by their nature are both  particle packing (density) products. They do not convert any cement particles in the mixture into binding paste, but rather fill voids made by bleed water exit and micro cavities with crystals that do not last the life of the concrete and have to be re-applied.  They do not and cannot achieve the same ultra low vapor impermeability as PMT.  Please see the Helium permeability test report on our technical document page.

Enhance PMT admixtures gives you the following at an economical price of about $22.00 a CY. :

  • Reduce hydration shrinkage (drying shrinkage) as shown by ASTM C157 tests.  The only admix that significantly reduces this problem. 
  • EliminatesEffloresence. 
  • Acts as its own Superplasticizer
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission barrier - Lowest permeability concrete (0.05 milli Darcy) as tests reports and the movie below demonstrates.
  • Water tight concrete in Basement walls and slabs -  both new pour and renovation projects. 
  • Improves concrete pumping. - lowers line pressure and creates smooth flowing concrete.
  • Reduces bleed water and reduces finishing time by 50% or more.
  • Highest level of freeze thaw protection - Zero damage after 300 cycles (ASTM C666 tests).  Ask to see this same test report from any of our competitors. 

To demonstrate the moisture barrier property of PMT, the movie below shows vinyl floor test tiles that were gluded down on a 8 day old green concrete step during a renovation project....

The movie shows the tiles being chiseled up at day 16 so that the final tiles could be installed.  There is no other admix that would allow glue to stick and hold a flooring material (or paint) as is shown in the movie.  

 "If you try this with normal concrete, the glue and tile would be MUSH."(Ben Warner, Hi Tech Flooring, Seattle WA) .. as the water in the concrete would prevent any adhesion from happening.

 When you pour a bare slab in a basement or garage, include Enhance PMT into the concrete to reduce drying cracking and to have the highest level of water vapor/water wicking into the concrete protection



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